Friday, July 26, 2013

Creating A Diving Minion In A Globe

The Minion Diver, Dolphin and Seabed Is Created With Filani Clay


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  2. Sue Heaser: Hi Garie - how are you? I love the diver in a globe - you come up with such great ideas!

    Garie Sim: Great to have friend like you, sharing your creative skill with others around the World, I still admired your works, since when you are in British Polymer Clay Guild. Your publication on all the various polymer clay project books are treasured by many of my students. Thank you for the comments, I always loves to inspire the fun with my kids at the workshop, so that they can learned a skill from me which will help them while they are growing up

    Sue Heaser: Garie - thank you for your kind words - I am blushing. You are one of the greatest polymer clay teachers - your enthusiasm is amazing. :o)

  3. long shot - but could i buy one!?

  4. I really love this!!! And I would like to do one to give it to a friend in his birthday... could you give me some more instructions, please? Can I do the minion with fimo? If so... how can I avoid it sinks? Do you add something to the water?
    I would be pleased if you help me...

  5. Hi I would really love to buy a scuba minion from you. Are they safe to put in a fish tank? Please let me know!! My tank is a 9" cube, so a minion that is 1.5-2" would be perfect!