Friday, August 19, 2016

Testing The Quality Of Older And Newer Polymer Clay

I have been using both Sculpey and Fimo clay for more that 16 years, I feel that the quality of the newer production of the clay are not good quality as compare to older production.
Today tests are base on batch of Sculpey Premo 2012, received the shipment in 2013 and the older Sculpey Premo 2003, Fimo Classic 2002, Fimo Soft 2002.

Test On Sculpey Premo 2013

The test shows the newer Premo is poor in quality, although it only 3 years old, received 
them in 2003 conditioning the clay is difficult, it doesn't blended well together and some 
clay are clumpy.


Test On 2003 Older Sculpey Premo

The test shows the quality of the older Premo is much better, although it is 13 years old, 
conditioning the clay is still quite easy

                            The Test On Sculpey Premo Clay Old And New

Testing Old Fimo Soft Polymer Clay 2002

Testing on the old Fimo Classic and Fimo Soft Clay from 2003 batch, the 16 years 
old are more consistent with today Fimo clay characteristic and quality. 

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