Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Updating My 1985 Polymer Clay Project, Making And Testing The Tiny Stuffs With The New Clay

Updating The 33 Years Old Polymer Clay Project Smurf Home With New Flexible Clay

 I have been making and creating things with polymer clay since the 80s' Fimo by Eberhard Faber was my first type of polymer clay, unfortunately, its no longer in production. Anything that I've created with the clay, can last for 33 years and more, it is strong and flexible, to me it's the best clay, even better than Sculpey, Premo Fimo, Fimo Effect and the current Fimo Classic. I have been creating toys from TV cartoon shows for my young kids and it lasted, unfortunately, some of the clay creation like, little prince, thumberlina and many others was eaten by our family dog Snowy and the clay was not poisonous. There are still many that I have keep away from Snowy till today.

Making Gremlins With The New Clay

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