Thursday, February 27, 2014

Testing Air Dry Clay, They Are All Not Air Dry Polymer Clay

Misleading Consumer And Cashing In As Polymer Clay Is Bad.

"It is a polymer clay that is composed of non-toxic, harmless water-soluble filler. It is therefore perfectly safe for children."

Can the polymer clay be " Water-Soluble Filler "?

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  1. Air dry PC cannot be compared to oven bake PC; just like you cannot compare air dry ceramic clay to kiln fired ceramic clay. Air dry PC is a completely separate art material, not to be confused or compared to oven bake. Not all Air dry clay has polymers in it. Delight is an excellent Air dry PC while most of the air dries in the children's craft section are lower quality because they don't contain polymer. I have used Deco Clay and Delight to create flower jewelry, flower arrangements and as "accessories" to my mixed media and have never experienced a breakdown of the material over time. I have one piece that is 10 years old that I wear that looks as good as the day I made it. I tried the children's craft clays and found that they cannot be compared to the higher quality air dry polymer clays.