Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Testing Plastilin Modeling Material

Munich Artists' Plastilin (or plasticine) is a high grade non-drying modelling material
from Staedtler. Ideal for artwork and animation. A durable plastic material valued by sculptors and designers for making detailed pieces.

Munich artists' plastilin was invented by Franz Kolb of Munich in 1890

A ready to use modelling material which remains smooth over the years and does not stick to fingers. Despite its smoothness and elasticity it offers some resistance - an ideal material for manufacturing!mmediately malleable, excellent dimensional stability and giving extremely accurate results. Breaks and corrections are easy to make. No shrinkage, maintaining original size. Easy addition of extra pieces with smooth joins. Re-usable. Water-repellent. Oil based - idea for making originals for bronze casting

The tap water and heat scorching test

500gm Pastilin

Test Pastilin sample

Scorching Pastilin

Melted Pastilin, it also will melt under 80-90ÂșC temperature

Melted test sample cooled then drenched under water

Drenched oil base clay repelled water unlike air dry clay
pastilin is firm.

Video of the drenching under tap water

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