Friday, December 12, 2014

Garie Sim's Sculpto Pro Series Polymer Clay

Sculpto-Firm is a fine quality sculpturing polymer clay easy to condition and also for creating fine detail sculptures. The clay can be mix with other clay to produce any type of malleable polymer clay desire by any artist for creating their own individual sculpture. Mixing 50% of Super Sculpey or Super Sculpey Firm will also create a stronger, flexible, easy to condition modeling clay. Sculpto can create direct transfer of images or textures onto the clay project.
Using it for clay animation with armature wires embedded into the clay can bend them easily, e.g.. create fingers that can be bend, baking the polymer clay in the oven makes strong and flexible. Baked Sculpto clay can be drilled, sand and painted with suitable acrylic paint medium.
This is a new friendly polymer clay product, a good medium, for all beginners and clay artists shaping and creating fine quality sculptures. Recommended baking temperature in the oven is between 130ºC to 150ºC for 40 minutes.

Image by Artist Calvin Tan

Claytalyst is basically a polymer clay catalyst, can be mix with all types of clay to improve the condition of even the hardest polymer clay. Adding the Claytalystsoften, strengthen all kind of polymer clay, making them durable, strong and flexible. Create your own color using chalk or metallic powder, oil base paint 

or colored chalk. Great for clay animation creating big to miniature scale figurine. A friendly products to all brands of polymer clay stays usable until baked.
Recommended baking temperature in the oven is between 130ºC to 150ºC for 40 minutes.

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