Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tesing the bakable Sculpey molds

I was given sample of bakable molds and I decided to test using kid to play with it under my supervision.

Baking in the oven@140º C for 20 minutes

After 20 minutes of baking including Fimo liquid with pc chips

It was very easy to pour out the polymer clauy cast

Abigal was very happy with the result

Beside making costume jewellery, you can creat miniature foods and plates

Miniature donuts and chiffon cake or jelly-o

May be can create glutinous chinese kuay

Bezel shapes and the cabochon fitted well together

These molds are good and it is easy to use, don't need to apply 
release agent, just sent the whole mold to bake. The children will find 
it easy to use them, except they need to apply the pressure to fill the 
mold shape properly. Baking with supervision, set temperature to 140ºC
for 20 minutes.
Having these bakebale mold is fun not only in making costum clay
jewellery but miniatures of food and others. It certainly a good product
by Polyform :)

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