Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Comparison Test On Plaster

Comparison of Plaster

As an artist, I've used many types of art medium, plaster of paris was one of my earlier favourite and the quality is reasonably good, I also used others like stone plaster, plastercrete and all kinds, for teaching, for casting and mould making. The plaster of paris are available locally, I was very disappointed with the quality of the plaster product supplied by art shop in Singapore. It doesn't cast and cured like plaster of paris and lots of disappointment with the broken, crack casts created by me and my students. 
Not happy with the current products, I started this test, in order to let other know about the quality and also not to waste money in buying fake plaster of paris, because of my disappointment, I've managed to get a better supply of plaster of paris and plaster stone which is harder than the latter. This is the test for three types of plaster in Singapore,
a) Fake Plaster b) Plaster Of Paris c) Plaster Stone.

Fake Plaster And Plaster Of Paris

Plaster Stone

Test Result On Different Plasters

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