Monday, May 15, 2017

Baking Silicone Mold Test In The Oven

Testing Two Parts Gum Mould And RTV Silicone Samples

Testing Temperature Appox 150ºC For 25 Minutes

After Baking 

Moulds And RTV Silicones Are Alright Without Distortion Or Melting

Rolling Conditioning The Polymer Clay Preparing To Bake With The Mould

Conditioned Polymer Clay

Filling Polymer Clay Into The Mould

Filled Up Mould Ready To Be Baked

Baking the Mould And Polymer Clay

Temperature Approx.150C Baked For 25 Minutes

Removed From Oven After 25 Minutes

Polymer Clay Cast And Silicon Gum Mould

Good Detail Baking Silicon Mould With Polymer Clay

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