Friday, October 18, 2013

Garie's Liquid Clay Technique In Straw

The technique of creating bendable features, using straw, wire armature and liquid clay, for fun and animation projects


Chipboard or plywood to position the armature wires
Using Filani Liquid for creating bendable feature
Filling liquid clay into straw

Allow the liquid to overflow through the tiny hole on the clay stopper
Secured the wire armature on one end of the screw
Secured both ends
Tighten one end of the wire armature with a plier
Creating more bendable liquid gel on the board
Board ready to bake
Baking the straw filled with liquid at 150º C for 30 minutes
Baked liquid filled straws
Cut the straw with a knife or blade
Cut all the straws

Removed straw from the board

Baked Filani liquid will be bendable
Creating a loop
Making bendable arm or leg


Filled Fimo Gel into the straw

Capped both ends with polymer clay and insert a piece of wire
armature, baked the filled straw at 150ºC for 30 minutes

After baking and cooled, cut the straw wit a blade

Removed the cut straw

Small detail molded from straw

Bendable headless snake

A coiled ring


Filling the straw with TLS

One end is capped with polymer clay and wire armature

Baked the capped straw at 150ºC for 30 minutes
Cut baked TLS in straw with a blade

Removed the straw

A bendable TLS into "S"