Saturday, January 31, 2015

Creating A Chinese New Year Miniature In Thirty Minutes

Using Garie's Sim Play Clay to create a Chinese New Year miniature without using a magnifying in thirty minutes.

Garie's Play Clay strong, durable and flexible

Kiara using Garie's Play Clay

Keysha using Garie's Play Clay

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Evaluting The New Fimo Kids Products

Starting with Robot  Step By Step

The new Kids Series are Interesting, it's call Form and Play, there's Dino, Farm, Butterfly,Alien, Robot, Fairy, Princess, and Knight.The Kids series consist of step by step instructions, 4 pcs ofFimo Kid clay, a tools and beautiful background for diorama.
My first impression on the Fimo kids clay, is soft enough to condition no crumps unlike the Fimo soft clay. My teaching concept for all the kids in my workshop is play, have fun creating with clay project, enhancing their imagination, building their confident, make them proud of their achievement and be happy. 

I am happy with this new products from Fimo and it is a more friendly products for the kids. 

Most kid have their own interest, fun and play and it differ between boys and girls, as mentor, you must understand, know the kid's interest, then they will share their imagination 
with you, it will be easier to teach and part my skill to them. I'm introducing my student Melcolm, a young confident artist, good communication skills, fun to share his imagination and a kind boy who loves animal.

My challenge is to introduce a New Fimo kid products, add some of my materials and asked him to create a full diorama with the background as his reward.Finally, when he completed the whole project, including the robots, drone, romote search, laser, tech table, web table, 
which I help to set up the diorama, I reward him further with the lighting system to the recycled polycarbonate base.

Sculpto Clay The Fine Quality Polymer Clay for Any Sculpting Project

Quality Products for Artist and Sculptor

Fine Small Sculpture by Calvin

Artist Calvin Favourite Sculp[ting Material

Sculpto Firm The Fine Quality Clay

A catalyst for all polymer clay medium, enhance, soften and strengthen

These is the result of using the fine Sculpto Firm Products

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tesing the bakable Sculpey molds

I was given sample of bakable molds and I decided to test using kid to play with it under my supervision.

Baking in the oven@140º C for 20 minutes

After 20 minutes of baking including Fimo liquid with pc chips

It was very easy to pour out the polymer clauy cast

Abigal was very happy with the result

Beside making costume jewellery, you can creat miniature foods and plates

Miniature donuts and chiffon cake or jelly-o

May be can create glutinous chinese kuay

Bezel shapes and the cabochon fitted well together

These molds are good and it is easy to use, don't need to apply 
release agent, just sent the whole mold to bake. The children will find 
it easy to use them, except they need to apply the pressure to fill the 
mold shape properly. Baking with supervision, set temperature to 140ºC
for 20 minutes.
Having these bakebale mold is fun not only in making costum clay
jewellery but miniatures of food and others. It certainly a good product
by Polyform :)