Thursday, October 3, 2013

Testing Polymer Clay Flexibility at 6.0 mm Thickness

Test samples are Fimo Classic, Fimo Soft, Premo,Sculpey III, Bake Shop Cernit, Filani, Kato and Pardo polymer clay, at 6.0 mm thickness. Test samples are baked at 140º C for 30 minutes.

Test sample at 6.0mm thickness in diameter,
bakedat 140ºC for 30 minutes
Fimo Classic is flexible
Fimo Soft is flexible

Premo is flexible
Sculpey III is brittle
BakeShop is brittle

Cernit is hard and brittle
Filani very flexible
Kato is hard and brittle

Pardo is flexible bur cracks after a
few bending

The result shows that the Fimo Classic, 
Fimo Soft, Premo are flexible even at
 6.0mm diameter or thickness. The best 
 Filani clay very flexible and strong almost 
like rubber. 
As for the rest Sculpey III and Bakeshop
both clay are brittle, break easily. The 
other clay that I have yet to mention, 
Cernit and Kato, are hard and brittle. 
Lastly, Pardo is flexible but weak, after 
a few bending the baked clay already 
shows cracks on the surface.

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  1. Can you tell me why you chose not to test Sculpey's "Bake and Bend" which is marketed for its flexibility? I was hoping to see a comparison between that and the Fimo Soft, which I understand can be very flexible. Nice to see these other comparisons you have done - especially with clays that are new to me like "Filani" and "Bakeshop" so thanks for that.