Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Premo Sculpey is no longer a reliable clay

Last week, while our student at the clay workshop was looking forward to complete her 5 weeks clay project, it turn out to be a great disappointment for the student.  While baking her project at 130ÂșC for 30 minutes, after cool the clay cracked, as it was supposed to be glued onto the base. I thought she used Sculpey III, but it was Premo Sculpey. She's totally disappointed and as a clay instructor been using Premo for many years, I am angry at the quality of the clay, as it did not happen to the older Premo and this is a new pack. Refering to my last experience with the Translucent Premo and the current situation, I will not used Premo Sculpey for my workshop. :(

The Repaired Project

After the bad experience with the new Premo Sculpey, it is no longer my favorite
polymer clay, in order not to disappoint the student the project is been repaired 
by Jo-Lin.
The repaired project will allow my student Chloe to complete the project next

The Final Completion Of Students Project


  1. I bake Premo at 275 deg. for 30-60 minutes,

    1. Yes, good temperature and timing, you can extend to 45 minute, but unfortunately the clay is no longer the same, it used to be my favorite, not anymore :(

  2. I'm very surprised cause Premo is my favorite clay...did they changed polymer clay formula?