Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Testing Garie Sim Play Clay

 Garie's Sim Play Clay The Oven Test At 150º C For 20 Minutes













  1. Hi Garie,
    Yes, it's fine for you to use the pictures I sent you. Let me know if you would like files with a better resolution.
    We do have your book - I ordered it during Circuit-Breaker, actually, and your Play Clay does make it easy to use those techniques. My older son did make a volcano, for example, I just didn't get a chance to photograph it yet!
    Thank you - let me know when you have managed to ship the order. I just sent you payment via Paylah! - will send you screenshot in another email.
    Happy new year!
    31 Dec.2020

  2. Great, the kids loved it! Very easy to use.

    The book was very inspiring for the kids. When we made the submarine, the cork must have been a bit damp, so the clay cracked during baking. But we just mended the cracks and then rebaked it. Kids are looking forwards to trying more projects.


    28 Dec. 2020